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Volunteer Opportunities
Become an integral part of our team by volunteering for Northland Hospice. Whether it is comforting a patient, cooking family dinners at our assisted living facility, tending to our Olivia White Hospice Home garden or greeting guests at our Hodgepodge Thrift store, we offer a variety of opportunities.

Northland Hospice also welcomes interests from local companies, high schools, college groups and civic organizations. Whatever your interest, we are excited to match you or your group with our ongoing need for volunteers.

Volunteering requirements vary based on the opportunity. For those who choose to become a patient volunteer, you must participate in our comprehensive Patient Volunteer Training program, which is held in the Spring and Fall.

Marilyn Pate and Dave Hill - Volunteer
Peggy and Cynthia - Book sale
Volunteers at Run For Life

Patient Volunteer
Our highly valued patient volunteers support patients by providing respite for caregivers. Patient volunteers visit with patients, sometimes just listening, reading or offering emotional support.  For an application please click here.

For more information on requirements and training please contact us at 928-779-1227. 

    Offers support to our administrative staff by answering calls, filing paperwork, organizing our library, etc.

    For an application please click here.

    Hodgepodge Thrift Store
    Assists customers, organizes and displays clothing, furniture and knick-knacks, and cashiers at our Hodgepodge Thrift Store.

    For an application please click here.

    Assists organization with fund-raising and community events. For an application please click here.

    Special Interests
    Have a special talent? Share it with patients and families! Whether it be singing, cooking, or playing music, Northland Hospice welcomes volunteers with these talents. For more information please call 928-779-1227.

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