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Olivia White Hospice Home


Nestled in a serene landscape of woodland pines and peaceful gardens, the Olivia White Hospice Home provides end-of-life care and support for terminally ill patients who lack adequate caregiver resources in their own homes. Our professionally-trained staff provides 24-hour care, focusing on patient comfort, symptom management, and emotional and spiritual support.

The Olivia White Hospice Home features ten fully-furnished private rooms and plenty of warm and inviting spaces throughout the house to visit with family and loved ones.

The staff members of the Olivia White Hospice Home, just like all of the caregivers for Northland Hospice, are highly attentive to the physical and emotional needs of the patients. With a low patient-to-caregiver ratio, the Hospice Home staff have the opportunity to get to know the families and assist with fulfilling end-of-life needs and transitions.

Room and board are available on a sliding fee scale. Limited financial assistance is also available thanks to charitable contributions from the community.

Dedicated to Olivia Frances White

Olivia White Hospice Home

Olivia was born on March 10th, 1994 in Dallas, Texas to John and Jill White. She was the oldest of four siblings, with two sisters, Josie and Phoebe, and one brother Jack. Olivia is also the granddaughter to Raymond and Joan White of Flagstaff, Arizona. She was diagnosed with a seizure disorder of an unknown cause when she was five weeks old. When she was two years old, it was determined that she suffered from a mitochondrial disease that prevented her cells from metabolizing glucose in a normal way. She was neurologically affected her entire life.

Olivia’s influence on her family, friends and the people she encountered was profound. She was always challenging, yet forever positive. Olivia was able to inspire others to grow in their capacity to love. Olivia had an inner strength and peacefulness about her that was hard to describe with words, yet immediately apparent in her presence. She was and continues to be a blessing and inspiration to us all.

Olivia Frances White passed away on July 11, 2007. She was 13 years old.